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We're not doing the same things better,
we're doing better things.

About WASP

WASP is a specialist software house that has an intimate knowledge of NHS processes, procedures and patient pathways having been involved mainly with Acute Providers since 1985. Our product strategy develops from working closely with pioneering NHS Trusts, Integrated Care Boards (ICB) and NHS England to develop, pilot and deploy innovative on-line services.


Our focus is to improve the process(es) that provides a patient with access to acute services both Urgent & Emergency Care and Elective Referrals.

Managing Pathways in Urgent & Emergency Care

Our UEC Provider range of online services provides extensive capabilities that coincidently supports the “Delivery plan for recovering urgent and emergency care services” – (January 2023). 

Services include:

 Scheduling capability to allow NHS111 Booking of appointments supporting NHSH111 First

 Integration with Provider PAS/EPR to ensure patient data is incorporated into the Patient Record

 Abilities to stream and redirect a patient to an alternative, more appropriate service away from A&E

 Audit and reporting facilities supporting PDSA cycles for Quality Improvement in care and patient outcomes as well as demonstrable reduction in clinical and administrative tasks

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Managing Access to Outpatient Services

The WASP Referral Management Service (RMS) provides the same focus on Elective Recovery following the catastrophic impact of the Covid pandemic.  Cancellations and pent up demand over the 18 months of the pandemic has caused havoc with elective services that were struggling prior to Covid. 
RMS provides a foundation for the development of new processes and procedures whilst maintaining control over the elective referral process and management of patient pathways.

Primary features include:

 Bidirectional integration with the National eReferral Service (eRS) to ensure Provider clinicians do not need to directly access eRS

 Facilities to encourage clinical engagement with electronic referrals and alternative methods of treatment/maintenance of the patient’s condition

 Significant reduction in administrative and medical secretarial time in management of referral, triage and booking processes


 Online access to referrals for triage and in clinic within the online system used by clinicians

 Enhances the details of a complete and contemporaneous electronic patient record


What our customers say

I wanted to let you know what a pleasure it has been working with the team at WASP.

In contrast to our dealings with other IT suppliers, it has been like a breath of fresh air dealing with a company who not only has vision but is able to put the effort and resources in place to make change happen.

Though WASP took some time to bring to fruition, it has been worth the efforts on all sides and in my view is an exemplar for other NHS digital systems - it removes work without disadvantaging any staff group improving patient care.

I hope you go from strength to strength, and I look forward to hearing that WASP is being used in every ED in the UK and beyond!

Dr Roy Bhati

Associate Specialist in Emergency Medicine CCIO. Warrington and Halton Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

Our Partners

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