WASP Software

About Us

WASP has a strong IT heritage in the healthcare market with over 25 year’s experience of working with the NHS. Historically, the management team has developed and supported web based services to improve the flow of information between Primary and Secondary Care including e-referrals, discharge notes and clinical correspondence – an activity in which we are still actively engaged.

WASP was started 6 years ago to focus on providing on-line services for the training of NHS doctors, scientists, nurses and Professions Allied to Medicine (PAM). In addition, our on-line assessment services are increasingly used for CPD, assessment and revalidation.

WASP’s IT expertise and ability to deliver complex systems is recognised by leading figures and organisations in the workplace assessment market. Our e-Portfolio with associated assessment services, competency log and reflective practice has been inspired by Dame Lesley Southgate and we work closely with Dr Julian Archer, the architect of much globally recognised multi-source feedback (MSF) and patient survey questionnaires.

Our main development objective is to provide new and innovative ways of streamlining processes – to make asking for and receiving feedback about your professional qualities easy and reliable.

We use web-based architecture to allow services to be deployed and accessed via a secure link on the internet. There is no need to load software onto your system – you simply access the service via a simple web browser.