Referral Management Service

Referral Management Service –
including eRS Downloads

  • Provide a consistent service to manage all referrals irrespective of their source, including;
    – National eReferral Service (eRS)
    – Electronic referrals from Third Party Systems
    – WASP Web based Referral Form(s) for Self-Referrals and Referrals from non-eRS users
    – Referrals e-mailed to nominated e-mail address
    – Traditional paper referral letters
    – Internal C2C referrals
    – Specialist Tertiary Referrals/Inter-Hospital Transfers
  • Clinical staff are able to triage all their referrals, independent of source, through their usual EPR/Clinical workstation screen without the need to access eRS.
  • Options to manage referrals through Advice & Guidance, Virtual Clinic or Face to Face.
  • Download all eRS referrals to ensure they become an integral part of the electronic Patient Record allowing easy access to referral information in clinic.
  • Integration allows the clinician to be able to review a patient’s clinical data held within the Trust EPR alongside a patient referral, providing a more holistic view.
  • Manage the referrals process to ensure patient receives the most appropriate appointment date or is managed in an alternative way in order to reduce demand on stressed Acute Services
  • Minimise the delays between a referral and the date the appointment is booked.
  • Scalable to allow for the service to be implemented at a hospital, Trust and/or Referral Hub
  • Automate entire process to save significant administrative support, allowing for audit and redesign of the referral processes or as evidence of good practice.
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