Managing Demand for Urgent Care


  • Designed for patients with an “Urgent” problem that needs to be addressed immediately and without help/support/guidance would normally be referred to A&E.
  • Supports the “Whole Systems Approach” adopted as part of the Emergency Care Improvement Programme that has demonstrated the value of routing patients to the correct service and avoiding A&E Attendances.
  • Directs a practitioner in Primary Care to refer a patient with an urgent condition to the most appropriate service within their local Healthcare community.
  • Identifies which Urgent Care service best suits the symptoms including Ambulatory Emergency Care, Acute Medical Units, Clinical Decision Units and Minor Injury Units – even A&E in exceptional circumstances.
  • Service offers Referral Only as well as Referral and Booking options into on-line schedules offered across the local area.
  • Patient engagement services allows patient to book, check, cancel referral as required
  • Also suitable for patients who are “Planned Re-attenders”, have a chronic illness or life threatening conditions not being treated in an inpatient environment.