Covid-19 Test Management

Covid-19 Online test request for essential staff and Care Homes


  • Provide a convenient online service for essential staff and their household to request a Covid-19 Swab test from a local laboratory (can be expanded to more population groups and/or for other tests as and when they become available).
  • Provide a centralised point of access for Care Homes to book swab tests for staff and residents.
  • Allow the booking of a swab test to be arranged at any local service at a precise time to avoid congestion and smooth demand.
  • Optimise testing station process by having pre-printed stationary available at swab site.
  • Maximise Laboratory capacity through barcode entry of sample details and automatic output of results in a digital format.
  • Automatic results distribution to staff member and employers/occupational health teams to ensure appropriate action can be taken immediately.
  • Result available within local trust and available to be added to Patient record/sent to GP.
  • Automatic national reporting of daily test rates.


  • Patient portal to book/arrange test(s) – Antigen and/or Antibody.
  • Employer and Care Home Portals.
  • Pathology System Integration for Test Requesting.
  • Pathology System Integration for Test Reporting.
  • Messaging service for result distribution.
  • Administration and Configuration services.