Care & Compassion Feedback

Target and measure improvement in Care & Compassion

The Care & Compassion Feedback Tool has been developed to validate, identify and support the development of health and care environments, specifically in the domain of delivering care and compassion. It engages leaders, staff and other stakeholders including patients, carers and other users of healthcare services.

Along with its benefits in care, it will have significant cost savings in the collection, collation and reporting of patient and staff feedback.

The feedback tool will provide a valid and reliable indicator of performance which can be measured against stakeholder’s perceptions. As well as providing useful feedback for development of care and compassion, it will enable departments to assess their position at a given point and accurately measure their development over time. It can be used to develop customer care skills and justify changes and adaptations in service.

Patient Experience 2
  • Questionnaire focused on the 6 themes and statements associated with care and compassion as well as incorporating the Friends & Family Test.
  • Identifies specific areas where there is both excellent and below par performance.
  • Single on-line instrument that will consolidate all the Trust contractual feedback requirements and offer huge cost savings in gaining patient views.
  • All staff have access to up-to-date feedback and thus will be informed and empowered to take immediate action to tackle identified areas of weak performance and build on success.
  • Patients will be able to use the information to make decisions about their care and to challenge their local trusts to improve services while championing those who excel.
  • Commissioners will have an up-to-date and comparable measure to use to benchmark providers and use in contract discussions.
  • Tracking trends will provide validation of where targeted improvements are most effective.