Assuring Expected Discharge Dates

Discharge Planning & Discharge to Assess

  • Monitors activity for the entire Inpatient patient population to assure the Expected Discharge Date (EDD) is met.
  • In-line with recommendations from the Emergency Care Improvement programme.
  • Clear action plan to ensure EDD is met
  • Monitoring of activities to ensure completion and to flag “non-conformance”
  • Simple “Red Day/Green Day” indicator to summarise patient/ward/Trust position
  • Suitable for all patients including Routine and Complex Discharges
  • Engages Health, Social Care, Community and CCG Teams at an early stage of the patient’s stay
  • Reduce the number of delays to significantly impact patients Length of Stay.
  • Accurate Bed State prediction allowing for better planning
  • Facilities to support “Discharge to Assess” to ensure patients are in the right place at the right time, receiving the right care.
  • Instant on-line access and booking into schedules/capacity within local healthcare economy, with early warning of potential shortfall.
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Assuring Expected Discharge Dates 2
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